How to Wear: Scarf Rings, Waistcoat and Trench

How to Wear: Scarf Rings, Waistcoat and Trench
August 18, 2017 Nicola
How to Wear A Scarf Ring

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Things are always on the move aren’t they and even the seasons are turning.  The weather may still be warm and humid in Doha, Qatar but the fashion world has definitively turned its gaze towards Autumn and Winter.

Fantastic – we  all love the fun of layering new seasons fabrics, textures, colours, and then adding accessories like scarves and scarf-rings – right?

So with a new season and new style adventure in mind, we are pleased to introduce the School of Scarf Rings Styling Studio, a growing ‘how to wear’ resource library.

Focused on How to Wear Scarf Rings and Scarves … these short informative slide shows and videos are designed to step you through tips and tricks that you can experiment with over Autumn and Winter to incorporate layering, colours. As our signature style is unique, these are ideas you won’t find elsewhere. 

In the first installment you will discover:

Take pieces you already own, or invest in new, to create a unique signature look!

Click on the image below to watch on YouTube and subscribe to our Liberatti Scarf Rings & Sprezzatura channel.


Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions or challenges for our team.   Enjoy … and don’t forget to enter the current competition to         WIN an Hermès Le Jardin de la Maharani Scarf.    Just tell us your favorite garden in the world to be eligible.  Competition Closes: Wed 27th September.

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    Watched the video, thank you

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    The scarf in the last photo is stunning

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