Liberatti Ladies Designer Socks 2.0

Socks 2.0 Did You Get The Memo?
November 17, 2017 Nicola
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Liberatti Stylish Socks

Liberatti Designer Socks add Dash to Winter Suiting

When you spend as much as twelve hours per day with a single item of clothing hugging your skin, it’s important that that piece is as comfortable as possible.

I personally feel that what sits between you and your hard working soles,  should afford you as much cushioning, quality and style, as often as possible.

Liberatti Stylish Socks 2.0 Pink Socks Roccio


This is particularly important in the chillier months of the year, when extremities like fingers and toes take the brunt of cold weather. Knowing that your socks are crafted to the highest standards and afford a ray of creative sunshine through stylish patterns, may be just the lift you need in the darkerness!

But while the comfort of a good pair of socks can be a hugely important factor in the composition of your outfit, that’s not all they can do. In fact, a well-chosen pair of socks can be the finishing touch that brings your winter suiting together.

Liberatti Stocks Richer Poorer Designer Socks for women.

After shopping around the world for responsive and quality focused sock partners,  we eventually chose Richer Poorer. This reputable designer is committed to blending long term comfort with contemporary style and affordability.

I wear Richer Poorer socks at least a few times every week, and love the way they hold their cushioned, under-sole padding and elasticity despite the usual frequent washing. And when they are washed, the colours remain steadfast and bright, through we do advise periodically using a cleaning treatment on your washing machine itself.

All in all, a thumbs up for value and durability that Liberatti customers have come to trust. 
A small investment for quality, functional fashion.

Liberatti Stylish Socks 2.0 Orange Socks Roccio

Designer socks are taken seriously by the people who produce them and Richer Poorer are a young energetic company who have dedicated the last few years to understanding sock construction and manufacture.

Check out the Liberatti Sock Studio:  The range of colours and patterns on offer give you plenty to choose from to find socks that match both your look and your personality. You are sure to find something to match your character.

A key feature of designer socks is the build quality, which ensures that the colours stay rich and vibrant for far longer than typical unbranded socks.

Liberatti Stylish Socks

When you’re serious about looking the business, every detail matters.  Women who care about the impact of accessories, scarf rings and scarves, or cufflinks,  will also enjoy the inexpensive enjoyment of paying attention to the impact of their socks.

By making a careful decision about your choice of socks, you can neatly round off the look you’re going for with any suit or weekend attire.

We love the new heritage tweeds, woollen blends and winter knitwear! This season there are many knits you will want to pair with winter weight trousers and chic socks!


Whether you’re looking for a consistent pattern between your accessories or a complementary colour scheme across your ensemble, including your socks in your collection gives your style a professional consistency from head to toe.

Liberatti Stylish Socks 2.0

Ignite your own personal sock style.  Check out the Liberatti Sock Studio:  Let us know in the comments your personal sock style and tag us on Instagram wearing your socks!

Nicola Liberatti 

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  1. Serena 1 year ago

    “I personally feel that what sits between you and your hard working soles, should afford you as much cushioning, quality and style, as often as possible.” – yes to that!

  2. Matia 1 year ago

    Love an outfit and sock matching combo!!!!

  3. Amanda 1 year ago

    There’s nothing worse than a tatty sock with holes in! Buy quality socks so they last!! Ha ha.

  4. Mark 1 year ago

    The orange socks are my cup of tea!

  5. Ariel 1 year ago

    YES! These look perfect for Christmas presents <3

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