Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring-Urban Accent

Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring
October 17, 2017 Nicola
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The Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring

We  recently visited Rome for the first time and amidst the wonders were delighted to discover an exhibition showcasing the work of Jean Michel Basquiat.   

I have long admired his raw primitive style. The energy and innocence, colour and exuberance of Basquiat’s work is irresistible.


(The stylishly attired Basquiat above: often seen in suits, shirts, blazers, cutting a dashing figure). 

Basquiat was born in Brooklyn. Like so many talent people whose work takes flight, he was encouraged to draw early on by his Mother. Unfortunately his parents separarted but his love of art remained. While at primary school he created a children’s book, completing the illustrations.

He often worked on paper bought home by his Father from his accounting firm and drew cartoons from watching TV.

Later as a teenager he attended a progressive school in Manhattan, “City-As-School” for gifted and talented students. He met graffitti artist Al Diaz and continued his path of creativity, frequently running away from home until he left permanently in his late teens.


Basquiat became fixated with fame, Janis Joplin and Hendrix, racial inequality, violence, dealers, jazz, travel, paranoia, his life was a kaleidoscope of swirling canvas, paint, people, places and opiates.

His stylish flair for mixing formal and artistic style, gave us inspiration to mix formal suiting with a cravat and the Pipe Dream Scarf Ring. A little old school ….a little free style. 


The Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring is inspired by the raw, urban canvas of Basquiat’s work. Through the Pipe Dream’s hand made process we sought to evoke qualities of form following function. Beauty enhancing durability. Nothing just for decoration.   basquiat.com .

 Warehouses, studios, industry, a chiselled out life…. we chose a fitting brushed silver finish on the Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring. 

The affect of brushed pipe-like steel is functional, yet in contradiction the Scarf Ring is made of  92.5  precious silver, with 7.5% alloy metals. Precious and pragmatic. 


Etched into the Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring face is the Liberatti ‘North Star’ logo which adorns many of our pieces. The North Star reminds us to stay true to our passion, to pursue what really matters in life, just like the young Basquiat. 

Liberatt-Collection-Pipe-Dreams-Scarf-Ring 546 x 820 CU

Basquiat’s body of work reminds me of a bomb exploding outwards   …. the faces from the canvas stare back contemplating control vs collision, discipline vs deviancy, comedy vs chaos…

His line is the product of his mental process….

his charaters see a maze of pathways and impart their secrets as to what it means to be Basquiat, a young man, an artist.  He rebels vocally against being seen as a ‘black artist’, stating he is an artist first and foremost.  


On Friday, August 12th  1988, Basquiat aged 27 years, died in his Great Jones Street Loft in New York. The autopsy report from the Manhattan mortuary listed the cause of death as “acute mixed drug intoxication”. (opiates-cocaine).


Are aspirations considered pipe dreams if life is cut short?  I think not.  The legacy of Basquiat’s work and style have etched a permanent place in history. 

As a final post script, the artist would be smiling to see that he did indeed transcend the label of ‘black artist’, to be seen as an artist in his own right – his greatest desire.  Pipe Dreams do come true.  


Image credit: Artist images from  basquiat.com 

Scarf Size Match: Hermès 90 x 90 cm scarves fit this Scarf Ring exactly.   Fit can vary due to the thickness of different silks.  Perfect to fix, hold and accent your favourite scarf. Alternatively browse our scarf selection.

Materials: 92.5 Sterling Silver.  Artisan made in New Zealand.

Packaging: The Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring comes with free gift wrapping in a Liberatti signature gift box.

Shipping: Worldwide in 6-8 days.   Supported by full tracking and customer service.


Comments (7)

  1. Priyanka 1 year ago

    “Etched into the Pipe Dreams Scarf Ring face is the Liberatti ‘North Star’ logo which adorns many of our pieces. The North Star reminds us to stay true to our passion, to pursue what really matters in life, just like the young Basquiat. ” – Love this, lovely touch!

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      Thank you Priyanka, that is very kind of you to say, and we really do believe in setting out our values and following them. All the best. Nicola

  2. Carmen 1 year ago

    Beautiful article with a strong message! Love the Scarf Ring.

  3. Claire 1 year ago

    Love the north star touch – beautiful!

  4. Tilly 1 year ago

    So many bold colours. Love the pieces x

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      It’s very kind of you. I am always interested to see what resonates with our readers. Best Nicola

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