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June 21, 2017 Nicola
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Ladies Cuff Links ~ off the cuff confidence

Cuff links may not be considered an accessory that women traditionally wear, but then isn’t finding exciting new opportunities for styling and self-expression highly appealing? Aren’t we re-inventing ourselves all the time?  At Liberatti we eschew the ordinary and salute character and individuality.

There are many accessories and accoutrement we ‘borrow from the boys’; cravats, ties, pocket squares, and so why not cuff links to boot. And we have to ask why so few cuff links retailers cater to a female clientele?

Cuff links bring a personality and polish to the office in a way you can make your own…
There’re so many choices to mix with plain or patterned shirts for endless variety…
They’re affordable and collectible…. they speak volumes about your confidence and chic… 
And, at the board table or meeting room no-one will see your new shoes but they will notice your cufflinks!

Just raise your hand under your chin nonchalantly, twist your cuff towards your colleagues across the table, and watch them take in your stylish cuffs.

And off duty? …. I wear my cuff links when ever I get the chance in the weekend, out for a night dining, or at a gallery opening with a crisp white french cuff shirt.

Cufflinks for Blog Post June 2017

To Link or Not to Link?

We  find cufflinks irresistible and believe women can be just as stylishly accessorized as men (if not more so). What do you think about these styles for the fairer sex?


Which style of Cuff Link for you? 

Indeed!  Where to start? You’ve probably noticed the hundreds of cuff link styles which run the gambit from novelty and zany, to classic gold, silver or enamel cuff links and everything inbetween.

Our eye is drawn more to fashion patterns like hounds tooth, paisley, stripes…. that can bring a feminine accent and accentuate a patterned shirt. These colourful patterned cuff links also look great against crisp white shirts.

When it’s all said and done you have to have fun selecting a cuff link that’s right for your wardrobe, but for our money, we prefer to avoid novelty cuff links that one might tire of. Instead we look for those creative and colourful to attract the eye.Visit our online Cuff Link Boutique here! 


Where to Find Women’s Shirts for cuff links?

This is where it all begins. As obvious as it sounds you are going to need an extra opening for cuff links on your shirt cuff in order to flash these beauties. Chances are, your cuffs button up and so that being the case you have a choice of options.

You could invest in a new French cuff or business shirt with pre-made holes. A relatively small selection of women’s shirt brands offer shirts with cuff link cuffs.  Here are a few to get you started:

Ann Mashburn USA
Miss Cufflinks

Hawes and Curtis UK
Cubec Australia
Herringbone Australia
Ann Fountaine USA


Or, another way is to select a few shirts and take to a reputable tailor/ alteration service,  and ask them to create a second button-hole, on the side of the cuff that has the existing button. This is easy and inexpensive and makes your favourite shirts multi-functional.  (Tell her or him it’s for cuff links and needs to open wide enough). 

This inexpensive option works well.  I’ve had patterned and plain white shirts adapted in this way.

Rest assured you won’t notice the extra button-hole even if you are buttoning the shirt normally. The reason is, that the extra hole made by the tailor will be completely concealed when you fasten the button. 


What about the Back Story?

Good question as it does make a difference.

I’ve tried different backings and have to say the bullet or torpedo back gets my vote for sheer ease of insertion. It’s a different type of manouvre and dexterity required to secure a cufflink with one hand, and you may find it slightly fiddly. Perservere. If the chaps can master it, so can we.  You soon get used to it.

However consider also that may of the fixed backs seem to have greater depth between the face (decorative front) and the backing stay. They seem to protrude more than is necessary. Bullet backs just seem to fit more snuggly, but try a few and then decide.  


So we will leave you with this challenge! Embrace a new style aesthetic, add a pair of cuff links to your wardrobe and get a big beautiful dose of girl power!!  Visit our online Cuff Link Boutique here! 



Comments (11)

  1. Suzy 2 years ago

    I love the cuff links in the first image, so simple and minimalistic, my style! I have a pair already and will add to this!

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      Hi Suzy, thanks for your response. I share your love for simple and clean design. Nikki

  2. Diana D 2 years ago

    I have never really worn cuff links, but I’m looking forward to add these to my work shirt roster:)

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      Hello Diana, give them a try, they are so fun!! Good luck.

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      Excellent news Diana. Enjoy the styling! Don’t forget to check out our affordable cuff link collection – growing all the time. Shop Here

  3. Maureen 2 years ago

    love the red stripey suit in the pictures, where can I get it from?

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      Maureen we made the jacket at the Liberatti Atelier, however for a similar look check out We love the Mulberry brand and this summer they have really nailed the preppy stripes in their women’s wear collection. Happy hunting.

  4. Clare 2 years ago

    The 3rd image cufflinks are stunning, I need them in my life! 😀

  5. Bella 2 years ago

    I don’t usually wear cuff links but after reading this and seeing these images, i’m going to give it a go!

    • Author
      Nicola 1 year ago

      Bella, thank you for commenting and I am chuffed you are inspired to try cuff links for the ladies. Enjoy yourself. Let us know how you get on and what the response is.X

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