The world’s only international Scarf Ring library welcomes you – sshhh please … the Library is open!

Please note – these scarf rings are not for sale just for pure pleasure.

The Library Project is a growing catelogue of scarf rings by designers, purely for your enjoyment.
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Vintage and New Scarf Rings by Hermès

Hermès Fer a Cheval Scarf Ring

Vintage Hermès Scarf Ring

Hermès Kelly Cadena Scarf Ring

Gavroche Enamel Scarf Ring

Vintage Hermès Scarf Ring

Hermès Charms Etriers Scarf Ring

Hermès Leather Scarf Ring

Hermès Scarf Ring

Scarf Rings by Salvatore Ferragamo

Vintage Scarf Rings by other Noteworthy Designers