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July 14, 2017 Nicola
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My Fitting at Blazé Milano

Destination: Blazé Milano Atelier , Head Office, Milan
Purpose: A personal fitting at the legendary Blazé Milano boutique
Outcome: A stylish, made to measure Blazer to last a lifetime.

Piazza Castello, 4, Milan

Liberatti-Blaze-Milano-Fitting Street View

We arrive in Milan with a just  day to spare before the fitting. It is prudent therefore to Google locate the address and thank goodness we did as their location takes some finding. A brisk walk across town and we arrive at the Atelier –  MILAN, PIAZZA CASTELLO 4 – ROME, VIA DEI CORONARI 44 ]

This is a veritable citadel of four buildings along a busy street and not a sign to be seen.
A couple of directions later and the building is pinpointed, confirmed by a postage stamp sized Blaze logo. (Takes discrete to a whole new level).  
A huh! We have arrived.

But before we step inside, to those who don’t know of this label, it is the brain child of 3 stylish Italian women Corrada, Delfina and Sole, (read about their fashion pedigrees here) who met while working on  Elle Italia.  

Blazé  has a sort of defiant and yet indefinable quality of elegance and retro chic, but re-calibrated for modern independent women of today.  The company and blazer styles have fired the imaginations and wallets of women all over the world who love timeless European styling – as do we at Liberatti, which is why we wanted to track them down.  Back to the fitting…    

Liberatti-Blaze-Milano-Fitting-Door 2

The doorbell is answered by Ottavio our hostess and fitting manager.

Leaving at the same time is owner and business partner Delfina, who stops to say hi and warmly shake hands.

Ottavio shows us into a small but stylish dressing room with parquet flooring, a few framed prints of Mick and Bianca Jagger on the walls along with other hip stars sporting similar jackets. There are 3 racks of Blazers of all different sizes and fabrics and a couple of low slung velvet chairs. Coffee is served and welcomes exchanged.


The Process

Like any design process the outcome will be the result of a series of smaller decisions. These produce a sum total which, if the decisions are correct and well made, will produce the overall desired effect. The same applies to your Blazer fitting.

Luckily the Blazé girls provided comprehensive design information via email, (drawings of the different styles etc) and we did do our homework and study the material provided in order to make sound decisions. This is a real investment piece and it requires thinking through.


Such decisions at the fitting will include:


Style: Customers decide, will your Blazer be long or short? For every day or evening wear? What about the number of buttons on the double breasted front or sleeve, the type of buttons or the pocket styles i.e. the signature smiley pocket … these are but a few discussion points and choices to make…


Size:  Off the rack or customization required?
Whilst the 00 sample was very close to my size and a miraculous immediate fit, the back vent did pop open a tad (owing to ones bottom you see), and so a decision was made to let the hip seems out a smidge, at a half centimeter each side, which would ensure the back vent sat flush to the back and flat. Apparently this is a common issue but luckily there was an easy solution.


Fabric / Purpose: Winter or summer, day or night, work or weekend?
I decided on something as multi functional as possible, selecting navy double crêpe fabric, with navy velvet on the pockets and black shiny loden buttons and finished with navy lining.

Classic and stylish!!

This will be worn at work and out for evening without need for a top underneath, and I hope this should literally last me a lifetime.

Liberatti-Blaze-Milano-Fitting-Decisions 2

Lining: What would you select? Traditional – plain, patterned with personality? I went for simple and plain but the zig-zag lining did catch my eye for the next purchase – a future woolen jacket perhaps?


Buttons: Some Tasty choices here from shiny or matt, raffia, gold, silver – very important as details do make the difference. I went for the 4 button sleeves, and chose a matt Loden button similar to what is shown below.

Liberatti-Blaze-Milano-Fitting-Details 2

Personalization: Yet another delightful feature of the Blazé experience is the ability to choose your own embroidered initials for the inside or back of your blazer. 

Payment: Standard policy at Blazé is to request a 50% deposit, with the balance being due once the garment is ready to ship. Prices range from 800 – 2500 euros.

Delivery: Exceptional design takes time, and bespoke tailoring can not be expected to be crafted to the highest standard and delivered in a week. We were advised that 2 months from order to delivery was the standard time and this indeed creates a pleasing sense of anticipation.

To note on this point however,  you will need to work well ahead if you plan to order a Blazer for a special event. 

That said, they do sell off the rack as well if you need an immediate style fix!
In-fact at time of writing a sale was in full swing!!  Sale at Blazé!


Blazé Milano Bespoke Experience 

I would love to hear your comments and experiences with tailors, alterations or fittings – what worked well and delighted you and what perhaps didn’t?  In a fast fashion world it is a real joy and privilege to be able to enjoy such hand crafted ‘slow’ service and reap the benefits of real craftsmanship. 
Location: Piazza Castello 4, right in front of the castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione.

Image Credits: Blazé Milano
Liberatti’s own library.


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  1. Sandra 1 year ago

    I NEED that leopard print blazer. NEED.

  2. Jess 1 year ago

    I hope you had a nice time in Milan! It looks so beautiful and those blazers are to die for!

  3. Gaby 1 year ago

    That picture of the buttons is so satisfying! I’m not sure why…. haha

  4. Suzy 1 year ago

    I don’t actually own a blazer, i need to invest!

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