Ladies Lapel Pins - Pin Pointing Style

Ladies Lapel Pins – Pin Pointing Style
January 3, 2018 Nicola
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Ladies Lapel Pins ~ Details Make the Difference 

I am sure you will be familiar with the Lapel Pin. These are small pins worn on clothing, on the lapel of a jacket and often by chaps, although increasingly by women who love the ‘borrowed from the boys’ style.

Lapel Pins have seen a huge resurgence in recent years and these small accessories have captivated us at the Liberatti Atelier; the subject of much conversation.

Lapel Pins are often used to signify affiliation with a group, or attainment of a special achievement. However the widespread popularity of Lapel Pins has seen their use diversify from group membership or political statements to purely fashion and decorative purposes.

Before the popularity of wearing lapel pins, boutonnières (small lapel flowers) were worn. (Above: Roccio wears our Bee Lapel Pin GBP 45.00 instore now).     (Below: The Oarsman Lapel Pin GBP 105.00)

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Why Lapel Pins?

Lapel Pins add a real personality statement to your look, one you can make your own…

Our eye is drawn more to classic styles in the English gentleman’s style like: Animalia, flowers, decorative shapes… …. that can bring a feminine accent and accentuate a stylish suit.

There’re so many Lapel Pin choices from new to vintage, worn single or combined, to achieve endless variety. They’re affordable and collectible…. they speak volumes about your confidence and chic…

Which style of Lapel Pin for you?  Winter….


Rocking a Lapel Pin with a darker or plaid suit, looks fantastic in winter and provides the pleasure of creative layering of textures as well.

When it’s all said and done you have to have fun selecting a Lapel Pin that’s right for your personality and complements your blazers or suits. We would love to hear your comments and preferences.  

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Which style of Lapel Pin for you?  Summer….


Indeed!  Where to start? You’ve probably noticed the hundreds of options sported by the chaps and women of style, which run the gambit from vintage to floral lapel pins, miniature bow ties to badges and everything inbetween.

For summer, with a lighter Blazer, Lapel Pins can either be in a contrast colour (with Floral Blazer worn by Esther Quek directly below)  or blend in (worn by Rene far below)  looking cool and fresh for summer…


Floral Lapel Pin

Rene Berry Lapel Flower x 3

The red flower above gives a dash of personality in its contrasting colour. 

Usually smaller than a traditional boutonnière, the floral lapel pin is an artificial equivalent of the ‘live’ flower used in a boutonnière. Common flower pin materials include: felt, linen, cotton, paper, silk, and satin.

The use of a lapel flower should be to add an overall elegance of your ensemble, and colour and size should be suitable for the outfit. The floral lapel pin is considered slightly less formal than the boutonnière and is designed to add personality to your suit as they often come in an amazing array of colours and patterns.

Vintage Lapel Pins

If you’re after something with a bit more character, which not go for a vintage pin? These can be found at markets, antique shops and online auction websites.  They can start inexpensively and top out at thousands for antique pins and brooches.   

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Long-Stem Lapel Pins


This is a popular contemporary option with the stem usually made with metallic materials in gold, copper, silver or black. Popular designs include feathers, arrows, and geometric shapes. These pins will be fastened with a stick pin attachment.

Some Simple Guidelines

  • A ladies Lapel Pin should be (as is the gentleman’s habit), preferably positioned on your left lapel next to your pocket square if you are going for the whole ‘borrowed from the boys’ look. Wearing a pin on the right lapel is popular, and let’s not get fussy, as long as you create a co-ordinated look that ties the accessories together, go for it!
  • Wearing multiple pins is achievable and looks great but pay attention to making the pins compliment each other through a colour, era, style or shape. Use a theme to tie them together, or alternatively you could use a tie bar and Lapel Pin to     similar affect.  The key rule here is don’t over do or clutter, but be creative.
  • Make sure the lapel pin is occasion appropriate. For example, it’s probably best not to wear a giant white carnation to a job interview. A small silver pin would work well here and will add a memorable accent to your ensemble.
  • Custom Lapel Pins are a great way to personalise your blazer or suit but at Liberatti we prefer timeless and tasteful designs, over gimmicky pins with cute quotes or cartoons.

What About the Back Story – Fastening Your Pin

Good question as the backside of a lapel pin, the part where it is fastened, is almost as important as the front. Certainly for practical reasons as this is how the pin is held in place, but also because manufacturers often customise the pin fastening to make it more unique.  Above all however your Lapel Pin must fit well and stay firmly secured.

I’ve tried different backings and have to say the smaller fixture gets my vote for sheer ease of insertion. The longer stick pins work well but the extra length of pin is a less favoured option, in my opinion.  

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So we will leave you with this thought! Embrace stylish lapels and pin point a style uplift that’s both easy to master and lots of fun!!  Shop the Liberatti Lapel Pin Collection here.


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