New Women's Cuff Links Styles Now Instore

New Women’s Cuff Links Styles Now Instore
July 22, 2017 Nicola
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Cufflinks Flash Now Instore

Ladies Cuff Links ~ Flash Update 

Cuff links are on the style map as women find exciting new opportunities for self-expression!

And to bring you even more fantastic choices, this week we’ve been enjoying a productive time adding more gorgeous Cuff Link styles to the Liberatti online Cuff Links boutique.  ( I have to admit, we all want to wear and not share them, but we’ve got it under control!). 

The Liberatti Collection is excellent value for money to ensure affordability. Quality is not compromised and these beauties will last for years!

What’s more, they’re colourful and creative so you feel great wearing your Cuff Links and can enjoy matching or contrasting with your wardrobe.

Just what you want if you are starting your Cuff Links journey – right?. 

Cufflinks Flash Now Instore

Summer and Winter – Linked In Year Round 

We  find Cuff Links irresistible for work or leisure wear, year round and believe women can be just as stylishly accessorized as men (if not more so).

Browse our online boutique for the fairer sex!


Which style of Cuff Link for you? 

Good question? At Liberatti our design team prefers classic patterns like hounds tooth, paisley, stripes…. that bring a feminine accent and look fabulous with a patterned shirt.

These colourful patterned Links also look great against crisp white shirts.

When it’s all said and done you have to have fun selecting a Cuff Link that’s right for your wardrobe, but for our money, we prefer to avoid novelty designs that one might tire of. Instead we look for those creative and colourful to attract the eye.   Visit our online Cuff Link Boutique here! 


Where to Find Women’s Shirts for cuff links?

This is where it all begins. As obvious as it sounds you are going to need an extra opening for cuff links on your shirt cuff in order to flash these beauties. Chances are, your cuffs button up and so that being the case you have a choice of options.

You could invest in a new French cuff or business shirt with pre-made holes. A relatively small selection of women’s shirt brands offer shirts with cuff link cuffs.  Here are a few to get you started:

Ann Mashburn USA
Miss Cufflinks

Hawes and Curtis UK
Cubec Australia
Herringbone Australia
Ann Fountaine USA

Or, if you need to adjust a current shirt just pop over to read our recent Cuff Link Blog from a few weeks back.

So we will leave you with this challenge! Embrace a new style aesthetic, add a pair of cuff links to your wardrobe and get a big beautiful dose of girl power!!  Visit our online Cuff Link Boutique here! 


Cufflinks Flash Now Instore

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