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Nicola Liberatti CEO

Nicola Liberatti
Founder and CEO


The Liberatti ethos is based on the desire to support women to lead authentic and joyful lives.

We do this by creating a simple style narrative with key pieces based on the timeless aesthetic of (mens) Italian Sprezzatura . This artfully combines contemporary scarf rings, scarves,  pocket squares, lapel flowers and boutonnière, brooches and other beautiful accoutrement. The collection is expanding all the time so you have a growing number of creative and practical elements to bring together to create your own unique signature style. When we feel stylish, we feel more confident and radiate joie de vivre!

Sprezzatura affords professional women a unique signature style though the interplay of distinctive accessories with enriching patterns, colours and luxury materials. We call this the art of the perfectly polished! You’ll call it endless fun. We look forward to sharing the Liberatti Sprezzatura style with you and welcome your comments and enquiries.   Nicola

Since 2009 Liberatti has been Dressing the Stylish Mind. We are the world’s premier Scarf Ring boutique and the first to embrace the aesthetic of Italian Sprezzatura for women. Traditionally the European gentleman’s art of effortless elegance, it has now been re-imagined for the modern woman as #hersprezzatura.

Our mission is to combine this wonderful creative aesthetic with a service rich culture so clients are well attended through every step of the style journey. From pursuing the new seasonal collection, to professional advice on individual styling, speedy dispatch and lifetime polishing for Scarf rings – just some of the hallmarks of Liberatti’s customer centric culture.

Our Clients Say…

  • Hi Nikki,

    Thank you for sending the salmon scarf rings.

    All of the rings arrived and I am loving them – they are beautiful.

    Many thanks!

  • Hi Nikki,

    My sister absolutely loved the scarf ring as I thought she would, and it is something she will hold close to her heart just as we thought she would. I can’t thank you enough for your help with it. So please put that on your blog 🙂

    I have also told my friends about the great service so I am sure there will be even more orders from this side of the world.

    Take care and very best wishes

  • Hello Nikki,

    Yes I would like to take up your kind offer of individual boxes for each scarf ring. I think it would make for a lovely presentation for each one. I am very excited to have this all organized and I would like to thank you and Ben for your help along the way. You can be sure that I will drop you an email to let you know when I receive them.

    Many, many thanks and all the very best for a safe and relaxing Christmas and very happy New Year.

    Warmest regards,

  • Dear Liberatti team,
    Thank you so much for such a swift, reassuring and comprehensive reply. Your customer service is outstanding.

    Thank you very much! Kind regards


Slow fashion, hand making… we touch the earth lightly using time honored artisan methods. Find out how to Care for Your Products here.

Liberatti Silk Fashion Scarves

Made in Europe, Liberatti silk scarves and pocket squares are from trusted artisan-manufactures. Our partners in Lake Como (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) and the UK, use either traditional silk screen printing methods or high end digital printing according to our original designs.

Horn Scarf Rings

Liberatti Horn Scarf Rings are made by hand from domestic Vietnam water buffalo horn (Bubalus bubalis). Water buffalo are used as draft animals to plough the Vietnamese rice paddies and are consumed as food. They are highly valued by local farmers and therefore are not dispatched purely for their horns or bones as these have a very small value compared with that of the living working animal. Each Scarf Ring is smoothly polished and refined by hand, to arrive as a small natural wonder, with no two exactly alike.

Lacquer Scarf Rings

Made with (to be confirmed) Bright, smooth, perfectly finished and in in 9 eye catching colours to compliment your fashion scarves.

White Bone & Shell

Shell is used as the raw material for Salmon, Lemonade and our crisp White Scarf Rings. It is a difficult process working with shell as one of the more brittle materials. Only practiced artisans can deliver the shape and finish that makes the cut.

Silver and Gold

The Liberatti Design Studio works its magic designing, technically specifying and either hand making or casting small numbers of scarf rings at any time. We welcome bespoke commissions.

* Unfortunately our engraving service is no longer available.

Our Guarantee of Quality

Please note that where natural materials like Horn and Bone are concerned, no two items will be identical. The coloration in Horn means every piece is a small masterpiece and unique.

* Variations do occur from product to product but the Liberatti quality control process is focused on ensuring high quality scarf ring production finishing. All items are individually reviewed before sales and dispatch and we take every effort to faithfully represent our collection online.

A lifelong passion for wildlife and animals of all dominations has compelled me to step forward in support of Panthera.

Panthera is the world’s leading conservation organization devoted exclusively to the protection of wild cats.

Founded in 2006 with the sole mission of conserving the Earth’s 38 species of wild cats, the organization is led by renowned scientists who work on the frontlines of conservation throughout the world.

Update March 2016: I am very pleased to announce we made the first Panthera donation back in January as planned – thanks to your kind support. Each month now we are donating to this worthwhile cause and I sincerely cannot thank you enough for your decision to shop with us. Every Scarf Ring, Scarf, Brooch or Boutonnerie purchase (every sale) helps us to be fierce in support of Panthera and their tireless  initiatives to help save these formidable and magnificent creatures. http://www.panthera.org/

More news as it comes to hand.