Weekly Journal

  • Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura Tulips Banner

    Tulip Inspired Lacquer Scarf Rings Pop for Spring

    Discover Liberatti’s Tulip Inspired Lacquer Scarf Rings with an especially fresh Spring offer.

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  • Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura What to Wear to the Tennis in Doha

    WTW to the Tennis? Scarf Rings & Sprezzatura of course!

    Women’s Tennis in Doha -what to wear? THE EDIT blends Scarf Rings & Sprezzatura, our signature style.

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  • Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura in London

    London Calling

    Exciting times! Liberatti is off to London town in late March with Sprezzatura and Scarf Rings in mind. I am so looking forward to meandering markets and observing fine art, talking to to tailors, and chilling with a glass of great sav over jazz. Join us on an inspirational flyover what’s on in London in March …

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  • Jacqueline Bisset Style Icon of Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura

    Style Icon Jacqueline Bisset

    Ms Bisset has a style and presence that epitomizes the glamour of contemporary film which is why she caught our eye as the month’s Style Icon at Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura. Hers is a rare blend of style and savvy, a combination which has resulted in a diverse portfolio of roles spanning gamine to seductress (The Deep) and has...

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  • LIBERATTI Scarf Rings and Spezzatura Year of the Fire Monkey

    Year of The Fire Monkey

    February will herald in a change of astrological signs. 2016, as it turns out, is the Year of The Fire Monkey which officially starts on Mon, Feb. 8.  As this auspicious occasion is looming, here’s a quick run down on what this mischievous primate has in store for us all. The Chinese horoscope is based on twelve animals that are used...

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  • Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura New Year Wishes

    2016 Wishes ~ From small things….

    I am sure that 2016 will bring many challenges.  However we believe that there is still magic and kindness in the world….and that small steps can add up to big, magical moments! Here’s some inspiration for you along with our warmest wishes for the year ahead.  Nicola,  John, Lisa, Ben and Steven.        As you gaze out...

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  • Liberatti Scarf Rings and Sprezzatura Camel Coat Crush F

    Camel Crush

    The temperature continues to climb down the thermometer and we are enjoying a distinct winter season in Qatar – what a change! Camel coats are perfect for this time of year because they look lighter than most dark colored coats and they coordinate with almost every color. Camel compliments a wide palette from white, ivory, grey, denim, navy and...

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  • The Edit ~ Scarf Ring Loves Francoise Gilot

    Painter, lover and artistic muse of Pablo Picasso from 1944 to 1953, mother of his children, Claude Picasso and Paloma Picasso and the only woman to have loved and left him. Gilot was a pioneer of pattern, an accomplished aesthete at ease with mixing colour, form and tribal art influences. It is the irrepressible spirit of Gilot, her independence...

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  • Liberatti Scarf Rings The Edit with Vintage and Lacquer Scarf Rings

    Vintage Gucci, Scarf Rings, Endless Summer

    My ideal summer exists in the timeless photos of Slim Aarons. Impossibly chic, languid and champagne chilled,  brimming with optimism. What an amazing life the photographer lead capturing the dolce vita lifestyles of the rich and famous in exotic locales like Cannes, California, Vermont and Saint Tropez. America and Europe in the 1960′s and 70′s, so carefree and chic....

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  • Style icon – Rossella Jardini

    Milan is awash with stylish women- fact. However I find women of more, how shall we say more abundant years like Rosella Jardini far more interesting that fashion clones in magazines. Ms Jardini calls upon a lifetime of savoir faire and has honed her taste and sensibilities rather like a maturing canvas. The oil paints might show the odd crack...

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