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New Liberatti Scarf Ring

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Liberatti Scarf Ring - The Art of Expression

Gold Bamboo Scarf Ring

Fashion, Scarf Rings

New Golden Bamboo Scarf Ring

Scarf Ring Style

Scarf Rings

Fabulous #ScarfRing Friends

Scarf Ring Street Style

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Joy Wears a #ScarfRing for the Levi's campaign #MakeYourMark

D & G Turns Heads


D&G Turns Heads

Cross Your Heart Scarf Ring

Scarf Rings

Cross Your Heart Scarf Ring

Dries Textile Master Class

Scarf Rings

Dries Van Noten Textile Master Class

A Little Bit of Leather


Leather has been fashionable since the dawn of time.  Yet despite its historical significance, leather also has a distinctly futuristic feel to it.  Always in fashion, and constantly reinvented on the ever-evolving catwalk. Aside from its style immortality, I also love the way wearing leather can inject a dash of crazy to the day.  There’s nothing like a touch of wild to lift the spirits is there? The Lucky Leather scarf ring range from is the ultimate blend of chic and cheek. Intricately hand crafted with genuine leather in a range of dashing colours, and finished with a sterling silver (or gold) shiny buckle, these cute leather scarf rings are an easy…

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Falling in Gucci Again

Vintage Gucci Scarf Ring from

Whether it’s a penchant for Louis Vuitton handbags, an obsession with Christian Louboutin shoes, or an Hermes scarf addiction, most people love particular brands for sentimental reasons. One could argue we form relationships with designers, love affairs of the fashionista kind which can last a lifetime (wardrobe space allowing of course). I have always had a quiet affinity for Gucci, but a certain scarf ring has turned that affection into a fully blown crush. Vintage Gucci Scarf Ring from Crafted with the iconic horse bit design, this distinctly vintage creation has been nurtured to perfection by the one who once wore it. Although the exact origins are unknown, we…

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Stylish Practicality

New Bamboo Scarf Ring by Liberatti from

For centuries women have been willing to accept that looking great can be a bit uncomfortable.  From corsets which made us turn blue around the mouth, to ankle-breaker heels, sweltering stockings, and jeans we can’t sit down in.  Fashion is pain – or at least, so the story goes. Nowadays though we tend to be a little more discerning when it comes to looking good.  Sure, there will always be an occasion for the too-tight trousers, but most of the time style can morph with comfort. Thank goodness for scarf rings, which are the epitome of stylish practicality, particularly when the office ensemble needs a little pick-me-up. Personally I love…

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Small Pleasures

Hermès Scarf Ring Cheval from Library

It’s often the small things in life which derive the greatest pleasures. The sight of Spring’s first daffodil, an idle stroll on a lazy afternoon, or a hearty hug from a great old friend.  The things we do simply because they make us feel good, are like food for the soul – essential, and worth savouring. At ‘scarf ring browsing’ is both our weakness and passion. Whether it’s obsessing over obscure vintage finds, scouring the net for previously loved classics, or brainstorming the next Liberatti design, appreciating scarf rings in every which way brings us an immense amount of joy. Because is all about sharing our small obsession…

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Black is Back - Gold Icon Scarf Ring by Liberatti

Every woman loves a rollicking good night out with girlfriends.  Cocktails, smooth tunes, and a polyphonic chorus of excited conversation, catching up with the girls is always a great time. Sometimes though, I find myself peering into my wardrobe at the last minute, waiting longingly for a catwalk ready ensemble to pounce out from the shadowy frocked abyss.  It’s like looking into the fridge for a degustation feast, when the miserable contents comprise only of last night’s half eaten tomato and two slices of Edam. The Gold Icon Scarf Ring by Liberatti is quite the secret style weapon for moments like these, and will transform a simple black outfit from…

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Tie Pin Polish

Tie Pin and Fun with Twillys -

When-ever I manage to take time to visit antique and vintage shops, I look for scarf rings first and tie pins next. Like a lot of vintage findings, many are utterly naff, but once in a while you see a nugget in the pile. I found this gold link tie pin at an open air market and have worn it many times. After the spring gave way at the back, and after too many compliments to count I have decided to replicate this gem and create our first Liberatti Tie Pin. After-all why should the tie pin be the domain of chaps?  They are way too cool not to make their…

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Seafaring Scarf Ring

Classic launch -

Classic boats have always caught our eye at  The whole nautical experience of being on the water, and travelling in style in a classic launch from a bygone era… this epitomizes elegance in motion.   The Liberatti Nautical Scarf Ring adds suave seafaring chic to your spring or summer outfit should you be lucky enough to be invited on board. But if not, just adorn the Nautical Scarf Ring anyway and dream of drifting on a picturesque lake waiting for your own Adonis or Italian legend to make appearance.   “Amy’s style today comprises an inexpensive white jean jacket, cute black shorts, b/w  shoes, and an Hermes scarf and Liberatti scarf ring to pull the look together.” Scarf…

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Fun With Twillys

African Horn Twilly Scarf Ring from and Fun With Twillys

Aren’t Twilly’s quite the illusionists?  A small strip of colour, a burst of vibrant pattern, yet only a pint-sized scarf for all that. I have a couple of Twillys in my business wardrobe and they work brilliantly with a classic white shirt. I am always on the look-out for white shirts that fit the body nicely, with extra pointy collars and elegant French cuffs, buy sadly they are exceedingly hard to come by.  Maybe you know of a good designer for these? To pair this classic shirt style with a simple stunning Twilly brings personality and style to corporate dressing.  My favourite Twillys can be found on and on…

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A Polished Edge

Double Cross Scarf Ring in Aberdeen Scarf Tying Carf - Double Cross Scarf Ring

As a global boutique for Scarf Rings we whizz them all over the world, but we were especially delighted to help out recently with a special gift for a very thoughtful customer in Scotland. Gillian from Aberdeen asked us to have the Double Cross Ring engraved with a tiny four leaf clover.  The symbol has a special family significance and she wanted it engraved on the Double Cross Scarf Ring to make a lasting heirloom, to be presented to her sister on the occasion of her birthday. Hand engraving is an art that is not widely practiced now, but has a craftsman engraver in a nearby city.  We were…

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