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Hermès Editeur

The French fashion house Hermès is synonymous with superior elegance and is the epitome of impeccable quality and luxurious style.

It was founded in 1837 and has continued to enchant the hearts and minds of women around the world.
I have long admired Hermès scarf rings and all of the inventive way women wear them.

Hermes Scarf Ring with Hermes Scarf

Hermes Scarf Ring with Hermes Scarf

Hermès scarves are the ultimate accessory for any scarf admirer.

The first purchase is akin to the acquirement of one’s first Louis Vuitton handbag – it is an experience which symbolises the first steps within the golden gates of style heaven.

And yet the fashion label continues to reinvent itself, with the recent introduction of limited edition scarves designed by acclaimed Japanese photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Hiroshi Sugimoto creates Hermes scarf prints - via ScarfRing.Com
Hiroshi Sugimoto collaborates with Hermes.

The vibrant and colourful prints were created from a selection of Sugimoto’s polaroid photographs, beautifully captured by light passing through a prism.

Part of the Hermès Editeur collection, these beautiful scarves have been elevated to the top of my scarf wish list.

I for one, will be dreaming of Hermès tonight.

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