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The Head Scarf – Essential Elegance

Autumn is gently acquainting the village, with her cool crisp mornings, and whispers of leaves falling.  My early morning jogs by the river are now accompanied by the harmonious sound of leaves crunching under foot.  The subtle scent of fresh dew fills the air, awakening my senses, and my appreciation for all that is natural and beautiful.

And although most days are warm and bright, the in-between seasons like to surprise us with sudden sprinkles of rain.  Every woman knows how frustrating it is to leave the house with a perfectly crafted head of hair, only to be greeted with a bit of seemingly harmless drizzle on the way to work, thus transforming our dazzling ‘do’ into a Jackson 5 impersonation by the time we reach our desk.  Hardly the most encouraging look for the 9am client meeting!

However, there is a very chic and practical way to overcome this small conundrum that is no stranger to the fashion history book – the head scarf.

Simply fold your scarf into a triangle, and drape it over your head with the long edge of the triangle just above your hairline.  Then cross the ends of the scarf under your chin and take them around to the back (or side of your neck).

Secure with a scarf ring, like the fabulous Swallow Scarf Ring (pictured below) from ScarfRing.Com, or simply tie in a square knot – and voila!

The Swallow Scarf Ring, from ScarfRing.Com

The Swallow Scarf Ring, from ScarfRing.Com

Always keep a scarf in your handbag, and try this headscarf technique next time you encounter a few looming grey clouds.

Not only will you keep your luscious locks in place, I guarantee you will turn a few heads with your sophisticated 1920’s style.  Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wore the head scarf with absolute grace, and you can too.  Essential elegance for the mod working woman – and a fabulous new look this season.

Audrey Hepburn wearing a head scarf

Audrey Hepburn wearing a head scarf

Jacquiline Kennedy Onassis wearing a head scarf

Jacquiline Kennedy Onassis wearing a head scarf


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