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18th Century Scarf Ring

Antiques always make for interesting viewing, so I have decided to share with you some of my favourite antique scarf rings as a periodic or surprise feature.  As with all antiques, I am fascinated by their age, quality and craftsmanship, but I am spellbound by the story which lies beneath each piece – whether it be fact, or fiction.

Historic Snapshot: 18th Century Scarf Ring

Historic Snapshot: 18th Century Scarf Ring

This beautiful gold cravat ring originates from mid-eighteenth century England.  It is set with an enamel portrait of Prince Charles Edward, the Young Pretender (1720-1788).  Although the creator of this particular piece is unknown, my imagination runs wild with the possibilities of the person who wore it.

I envisage an aristocratic nobleman who is yet to be married, and is about to embark on his first meeting with a possible heiress.  He is suitably appareled in the most fashionable regalia of his time, with this very regal accessory used to securely fasten his stylish cravat, which I am most certain would have been just the finishing touch he needed to woe the charms of his future beloved.

Perhaps my daydream was a teensy bit embellished, but that’s what makes antiques so much fun.  Stay tuned for more antique scarf rings snippets – accompanied by fragments of historic (albeit slightly indulgent) imagery over the coming weeks, and in the meantime, happy daydreaming…


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