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Seahorse Scarf Ring

Sea Horse Scarf Ring

Retro Corner: Sea Horse Scarf Ring

The mystical seahorse has intrigued me since I was a child.  As a young pony club devotee, obsessed with all things equine, I was naturally attracted by their horsey shape, and gentle ambling nature.

In my adult years I have come to respect the humble seahorse for completely different reasons.  Not only do they mate for life with the same partner, they are also one of the only animals on earth in which the male bears the unborn young.

Now ladies I have to admit, if I didn’t love the beautiful creatures so much I might feel a little bit resentful – that seems to me like the ultimate man right there!

Seahorses are also symbolic of patience and contentment, so I’m hoping my new purchase, this gorgeous vintage seahorse scarf ring, will bestow some of its magic onto me.  It’s cute, fun, and makes me smile, so I think it must be working.

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