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Street Cool Scarf Ring and Hermes Scarf

Blue Beat

Scarf Rings

Blue Beat on The Street with Scarf Ring

New Liberatti Scarf Ring

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Liberatti Scarf Ring - The Art of Expression

Gold Bamboo Scarf Ring

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New Golden Bamboo Scarf Ring

Simple is Best

Scarf Rings

Scarf Ring Love Simple Is Best

White Luxe


Trussardi Scarf Ring Love on Liberatti Scarf Rings

Swallow Scarf Ring

Scarf Rings

Swallow Scarf Ring

Scarf Ring Inspiration Trussardi

Scarf Rings

Trussardi Scarf Ring Love 1 SS 14

Scarf Ring Street Style

Mastisse Dreaming

Matisse Swallow Scarf Ring by Liberatti

I vividly remember our first visit to the Matisse Chapel in Vence, France. I was awestruck by the colors and quality of light. I am not religious but immediately felt that if God is anywhere, he will be here basking in the sunshine and warmth. This humble little Chapel is  so markedly more accessible in scale and ambiance than the cold grey Gothic monolithic churches across Europe. Look closer and discover the stained glass panels feature the iconic Swallow that inspired his work, ubiquitous to the skies in the South of France. So at Liberatti we created an homage, a little piece of Matisse inspiration to wear and remind us…

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Boho Chic


Boho chic has long held a special place in our hearts at Liberatti as our own guiding mantra is Life, Love, Liberty.  Boho captures the essence of the free spirit unrestrained by the burdens and obligations of everyday life, free to travel and explore new horizons, to breathe deeply and dream. Scarves are as essential to the look as cream is to strawberries so we’ve mixed it up a little, added a vintage scarf or two and our Chunky Bamboo Scarf Ring, and we’re on the road too. It’s been an amazing summer. One trip to the South of France (beautiful Aix En Provence) later and now about to head…

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Foxy Loxy Love

foxy lady

The Foxy Loxy Scarf Ring remains one of our perennially best sellers. We love Foxes; that cheeky face, long nose and adorable big ears – awww. Synonymous with classic English style, (alas for the Fox, as ‘the hunted’ quarry pursued by hounds in “full cry” with the sound of the horn echoing off the woodlands and hills), they have bought sport chic to our fashion since the 16th century. Ever the artful dodger, the Fox has finally evaded it pursuers as Fox hunting in its traditional form was banned in Scotland in 2002, and in England and Wales in November 2004. WATCH  ‘What Does the Fox Say! ‘ on YouTube:…

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Chocolate Bliss

chocolate bliss2

No matter where you are recently you will have been tempted by chocolate this month: every woman’s delightful demon. Personally, I can’t resist chocolate. If you are traveling it’s always intriguing to find a boutique Chocolatier in a foreign city like Paris and discover the delights within. I am utterly devoted to the taste and texture and I find that chocolate has its own hierarchy. Charbonnel Et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles are the indulgent power at the top of this hierarchy. Whenever I am in the vicinity of John Lewis or Liberty; I can hear the chocolatier beckoning me. Iconic images of bunnies and chicks have speed by…

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Afternoon tea elegance

Cabachon Scarf Ring for Afternoon Tea

  Cabachon Scarf Ring for Afternoon Tea   Synonymous with Britain is tea. It has been, for centuries, a beverage at the heart of British social life. However as time has progressed the evolution of afternoon tea has moved from the shores of the United Kingdom to some of the most elite hotels in the world. Afternoon tea is an elaborate social occasion involving petite portions, presented perfectly. From sandwiches without their crusts to fine bone china cups, it is without doubt an elegant affair. No matter where you are, you can indulge in this fine British tradition; it is time to embrace the trend.

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Win a fabulous scarf!


  Enter our competition to win this beautiful silk scarf from Uterque. Simply email to enter.  

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Black & White Edit

Black and White Inspiration with Liberatti Silver X Factor Scarf Ring

Sometimes it’s a challenge in a busy week to pull together an outfit that looks chic and simple. This week’s style challenge is to experiment with black and white {B&W) and if you follow these rules then you won’t have to think too hard or spend too much time. Firstly, don’t try too hard. If you do, you’ll end up looking like a checkered floor, with people squinting their eyes as they gaze upon your attire. Secondly, add a splash of colour. Whether it is a bright classic bag or a vibrant pair of shoes, you need something to inject contrast into the ensemble. However, simple is best and black…

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Sustainable Fashion

Scarf Ring Girl Likes H&M Sustainable Fashion Fashion

This month we’re talking “sustainable fashion.” The fashion industry is not kind on the environment – fact. So I was gratified to see H&M have released a brand new Conscious Range (an assortment of sustainable clothes and accessories) made from eco-friendly materials. Described as “a collection full of optimism for Spring”, the concept certainly does enthuse me as vintage clothing and accessories are fundamental items in my wardrobe. Who doesn’t love scouring vintage shops and markets, school fairs and trunk sales to find a bargain in mint condition. Though I love luxury, discovering a vintage find is hard coded into my DNA. In homage to H&M’s announcement I am wearing…

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Leopard Love

leopard love2

      If you follow fashion you will know that leopard print (and various animal print patterns) have swept the market for several years. Many designers such as Christopher Kane, Dolce and Gabbana and Christian Louboutin have adopted and adapted its print. It’s happily true that no matter what age you are; you can wear leopard print. However, it remains a cardinal sin to wear leopard on leopard-always team it up with a block colour. I love my leopard print vintage scarf and due to its: blue, black and white modification, it is best laid against a black palette. I’ve fixed it in place with my horn bone scarf…

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