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Scarf Ring Product Care

Returns and Exchanges

Liberatti are pleased to accept timely returns of new, unused products. In order to be eligible for a return credit or refund you must contact us on within 15 days from the date you received your order.

Returns can be refunded as Site Credit or to the original method of payment, where applicable. 
Your products must be returned in the original packaging, including any boxes, envelopes or carry bags.

Any returned products which are damaged, do not include the packaging materials, scratched, soiled, or altered may not be accepted and will be returned to you.
Shipping charges are non refundable. The return shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility unless the return is necessary due to a fault in the product. As such we recommend sending return items insured to avoid a possible loss or theft in transit. On receipt of the returned item, or items they will be inspected, and as long as they are in their original packaging material and in unused condition, the purchase price will be refunded within 1-2 business days to your credit card or PayPal account.

How To Care for Your Liberatti Scarf Rings and Scarves

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to work symbiotically with local cultures who harvest horn and we only select eco-friendly, sustainable products. As our company continues to grow worldwide, we thank our customers for their support and trust of our product choices.

Our Guarantee of Quality

Please note that because these are natural materials, no two items will be identical. The coloration in Horn means every piece is a small masterpiece and unique.

Liberatti Scarf Rings are hand-made; hand-cut and then hand polished to be smooth and rounded. Variations do occur from product to product but the Liberatti quality control process is focused on ensuring high quality scarf ring production finishing. All items are individually reviewed before sales and dispatch.

Care of Horn

All animal materials are porous and will absorb moisture and/or be effected by temperature changes or humidity to some extent.

We recommend that your Horn Scarf Ring should not be worn in wet conditions or in high humidity, or at least exposed to these repeatedly.

One or two brushes with damp will not damage horn (after all the animals are in the rain themselves) but do not leave your scarf ring in a pool of moisture,

or it will may discolour, or in the sun as they may crack with extreme heat over time.

When you remove your horn scarf ring, simply wipe it clean with a soft, dry or very lightly moist cloth and dry it immediately.

With prolonged wear some horn may take on a lighter hue but this happens over years.

This is normal, but can be delayed or avoided in some cases with proper care. It is best to store Horn in a cool, dry and dark place with your other jewellery.

GOLD ~ Your Scarf Ring, Scarf Slide or Necklace

Gold comes in various colours and in different purities. Gold is measured in cartage (Carat/ ct) which is a term used to describe how pure the gold metal is. Not to be confused with diamond carats which is different. Pure gold (100% gold) is 24 carats and is very soft which makes it generally unsuitable to create jewelry.

As a result other metals are added to pure gold to create a gold alloy thus strengthening it. The carat indicates how many parts, out of 24 parts, within the alloy are gold.

Liberatti pendants are designed in our creative studio. They are then made of 18 kt gold which is very high quality, at our artisan workshop in Qatar.

How to Clean Gold:

• You can clean gold jewelry with a soft toothbrush and some soapy water ( even dishwashing liquid will be fine)

• Dip the toothbrush in the water and use it to get into all of the crevices.

• Rinse the piece in warm water until the water runs clear.

• Gently buff your piece dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to make it shine after jewelry cleaning.

• If you prefer, you can also use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner but please get the best quality from a reputable jeweller.

How to Care for Gold:

 It is important to take care of yourLiberatti gold so it lasts you a lifetime.

• Although it's tempting, we recommend that you don't wear them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as this will make them more likely to get damaged over time.

• When you do take off your gold pieces, store them in a velvet-lined jewelry box or case that contains compartments for each item. Or, separately wrap each piece in tissue paper and keep in small bags or pouches.

• Keep your diamond jewelry separate because the hard stone can scratch your gold easily.

• Make sure your jewelry is dry when you put it away, because moisture can cause springs and clasps to weaken over time.

SILVER ~ Your Scarf Ring, Scarf Slide or Tie Pin

Scarf Rings are made by craftsmen using 92.5 percent pure silver.

Tarnishing will ocurr over time, and this natural phenomenon is caused by the interaction of silver and sulphides in the air. Higher sulphide levels are more present with humidity and/or air pollution. The more humid the climate, the faster your sterling silver scarf ring or necklace will tarnish.


(1) Sterling silver will polish up by rubbing or buffing it with a soft cotton cloth.

A chemically treated ‘silver’ cloth gets optimal results sooner.

(2) ‘Wet’ clean sterling silver can be achieve by:

Simply washing the silver with mild soap and warm water to prevent tarnishing, then rinse thoroughly and dry completely with a soft cloth before storing.

With the correct care your piece should last a lifetime.



Scarf Ring Shipping

Which countries do you ship scarf rings, scarves and jewellery to? ships to 7 main zones:

  1. USA & Canada
  2. UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland (most of Europe)
  3. Singapore, Hong Kong
  4. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Eqypt
  5. Australia, New Zealand
  6. Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)
  7. South America

Shipping - Which Postal Service do you use?

Scarves, Scarf Rings and Jewellery are shipped via EMS Postal Services at a FIXED RATE of £12 each.

Unless requested otherwise, we ship our Scarf Rings and Scarves with the EMS postal service from Qatar, our base. Delivery is within 6-8 days, but from our experience with EMS, it is usually faster at 4-6 days.                        

Payment Confirmation & 24 Hour Dispatch

A Dispatch Confirmation email will be sent to you upon payment.

Once your item has been posted (within 24 hours) we will provide the tracking number for the local EMS Postal Service in order to track the delivery.

Please let us know if it is for URGENT dispatch and we will do out best to get it posted sooner, if possible.

Which courier companies do you use?

If you request a Courier: we use DHL for worldwide deliveries. Courier costs will incur an additional fee.
All deliveries must be made to a street address. We cannot deliver to a Post Office box.

How long will it take to Receive my Purchase?

Delivery is within 6-8 days, but from our experience with EMS Mumtaz Postal Service it is usually faster -  at 4-6 days.

Signing for Parcels

Parcels will need to be signed for in person so please state delivery address where you will be present at the time of delivery.

Artisan Made

Scarf is proud to stock a variety of hand selected items in tune with our ethos of slow fashion. Essentially slow fashion is a movement in response to the relentless and profit driven fashion business practises, from environmentally unsound manufacturing to paying starvation wages to providing unsafe working conditions. 
All of our products are crafted by artisans who care about the heritage of their artform and who touch the environment lightly.  

Liberatti Silk Fashion Scarves

Our own silk scarves are made for us in Italy  by an artisan-manufacturer  based near Lake Como in Italy. Using traditional silk dying methods our pattern is reproduced faithfully and with great care. 
Each Liberatti Scarf has a label showing you the origin as Italy.  

We recommend that you always have your silk scarf dry-cleaned by a reputable service. Do not use dry cleaning fluid on them yourself.  
Please also remember that like all scarves, genuine silk printed scarves can be damaged by rain.

Horn Scarf Rings

Liberatti Horn Scarf Rings are in the classic Chaîne d'Ancre shape and are made by hand, from domestic Vietnam water buffalo horn (Bubalus bubalis) or buffalo bone.

Water buffalo are used as draft animals to plow the Vietnamese muddy rice paddies and are also consumed as food. They are highly valued by local farmers and are not dispatched purely for their horns or bones; as these have a very small value compared with that of the living working animal.

Water buffalo horn and bone are obtained after death, and since the rural cultures believe in utilizing the whole animal, nothing goes to waste, and thus the animal is honored more fully by the local community.

Black Horn

Water buffalo horn ranges from black to occasionally creamy medium tan, or brown and tortiseshell 'rootbeer-like' and translucent.

Honey and Dark Brown Horn

The two Liberatti brown horn scarf rings (light honey and dark) come from African buffalo and these range in color from dark brown or black (savannah) to bright red (forest buffalo).

White Bone & Shell

Water buffalo bone is polished and smoothed to make white Liberatti Scarf Rings. However we usually use Shell for the larger white scarf rings as only the size of shell chips allow us to craft this larger size.

About Horn

Horn is made primarily of keratin, a fibrous protein, similar to that found in quills, claws, nails, hooves, feathers, wool, and hair. It is a natural, organic and sustainable product.


How are items & Gifts packaged?

Smaller jewelry items (scarf rings, necklaces, are packed inside our signature blue and white envelopes or beautiful gift boxes.

We love to create a flourish with ribbons too so please let us know if it's a gift and we will ensure your present makes a dramatic entrance. The package is then carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and popped into a courier bag.


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