Collection Notes - work in progress and whats notable for the new season

A Passion for Scarf Rings  

While nodding towards a business model, we began designing contemporary Scarf Rings under the Liberatti name to placate our fascination for these iconic accessories.
My manifesto has always been for Scarf Rings to be seen as a fashion accessory and for our loyal community to enjoy Sc
arf Rings in modern and contemporary designs.
Five years on I am still uttlerly bewitched and happy to say our Scarf Rings are worn across the world. Word is spreading! 
  Nicola Liberatti






Welcome to ~ for chic, contemporary scarf rings and designer silk fashion scarves

collection Notes

  Fashionistas, Shoppers, Designers - are talking to us! is home to Liberatti Scarf Rings and is the world's only dedicated Scarf Ring boutique.

It's our pleasure and passion to design chic, modern Scarf Rings worn by women all over the world who love designer scarves and the possibilities Scarf Rings offer.

Inspiring Us Now

Over summer and autumn 2014 we are gazing to the past .. to the classic images of women in sport in the 1920's to 1950's and have found much to inspire a new collection of sporty Scarf Rings.

So that's the challenge now for the fun ...I love researching for pleasure and am so beguiled by old back and white images of dashing women dressed to play tennis, hockey, swimming or generally gadding about. 
They seem so innocent yet determined ...and there's an unmistakeable sense of commaraderie, gals together, that pervades these tableaus. A man's world afterall. 
As we continue to evolve our ideas into the next Liberatti Scarf Ring Collection we will share updates here ... still so much to do to wrangle ideas into reality...

Nikki    #thescarfringgirl 

Work in Progress Mood Boards- Reserach for Sporty New Collection

Scarf Rings Sporty New Collection Research
Scarf Rings Sporty New Collection Research
Scarf Rings Sporty New Collection Research

Company Overview

Established 2009 - Studios in New Zealand and Qatar.

Our business comprises: sales to individual customers and personal shoppers, working with fashion designers to make Scarf Rings for seasonal collections, creating bespoke pieces for heritage clubs and collaborating on one off pieces for special occasions.

No two days are the same and we relish every creative opportunity.

Please contact us for personal and business assistance.  or


Ten Reasons Why Scarf Rings should be Star-Ring  in Your Wardrobe



1.   A Scarf Ring opens a new style frontier – step into the unknown and try something new, life is short.

2.   Whether at the board table or bar,  no-one can see those expensive designer shoes, but they will see your intriguing new Scarf Ring.

3.   Ditto at a dinner party!

4.   Pair your old designer scarf with a new Scarf Ring, and play match maker. Those crazy kids.

5.   Little practicalities make a big difference to comfort and confidence, so when you need to tie that scarf in place - fix and forget with a Scarf Ring. They also cover cleavage so your co-workers roving eye will be thwarted!

6.   Overcome your chilly air conditioned office with a styli scarf , a chic Scarf Ring and a warm smile.

7.    If you are environmentally inclined, shop in our Vintage area for an up-cycled, Scarf Ring and feel like an eco warrior.

8.    Give a scarf ring to a friend who loves scarves, and have it engraved – pack tissues, it could get emotional. 

9.    The quiet sophisticate, a Scarf Ring is blind to designer status, equally at ease with Vuitton to Hermes to Coach scarves. 

10.  At a certain age, the neck reveals signs of aging that a scarf and Scarf Ring will camoflague beautifully.  And they’ll never tell.  


Scarf Ring Love
         Scarf Rings -
chic contemporary and versatile courtesy of
Hermès is a division of Liberatti Designer Accessories.

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We hope you enjoy shopping in the E Boutique!    

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